The Gold Star Kids Lemonade Stand hosted by youngsters Modie and Mitch Mikuzis outside their Beverly home was already a rousing success.

Dozens of people had swarmed to the kids’ front yard to raise money for the Conner T. Lowry Memorial Fund, named in honor of their cousin, the U.S. Marine who died in Afghanistan in 2012.

But then, Modie, 7, and Mitch, 5, heard the roar of a long procession of motorcycles.

When people enter the gym at St. John Fisher Elementary School (SJF), they will see on a shiny new floor, featuring the name at midcourt of a fallen hero: Conner T. Lowry

In addition, they will see phrases that describe Lowry and his personality: “Live Life Large” and “Live Life Kind.” read more.


Horse Theif Hollow presents Summer Swelter with the proceeds to benefit programs for veterans and the Conner T Lowry Memorial Fund. $20 admission that includes 3 foot or beer tickets.

Shane M. Slosar has decided to run the 41st Marine Corps Maraton in honor of Conner. He is accepting donations on gofundme and all of the proceeds will go to the Conner T Lowry Memorial Fund.


I will be running the 41st Marine Corps Marathon on October 30th, 2016 in honor of Cpl. Conner T. Lowry.

Cpl. Conner T. Lowry, an ammunition technician chief and fire team leader with Golf Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment Golf Battery, was KIA on March 1st, 2012, in Kajaki, AfghanistanHe was 24 years old.

Conner Lowry was the beloved son of dear family friends in Beverly, Chicago.  Conner always said “Live Life Large”.  Proof of his motto is in his scores of friends, most of whom he described as “his best friends.”  He loved as hard as he was loved.  His adventurous spirit took him across the country, and eventually across the world as a Marine.  And for every adventure is a T-Shirt, a photograph, and most importantly, a story.  Lowry stories are always rich in detail, humor, and filled with a little mischief.   Conner was tall, handsome, funny, playful, and giving.  His heart was open to anyone in need, whether it was a friend who needed a ride or a fellow soldier who needed safety.  The “Live Life Large” wristband I still wear on my wrist serves as a constant reminder of his service and sacrifice.

It is this spirit that the Conner T. Lowry Memorial Fund hopes to nurture for future generations for educational scholarships and to assist veterans and their families in need.

It is an honor to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon and I thank you for your contributions!

Shane M. Slosar

Live Live Large

By: Kevin Canavan


There once was a hero in a far off land

Yes, there was evil, but this hero would stand

He was a kid like me and you

He even went to SJFand Brother Rice too

The boy loved living; he saw every day as a gift

Whenever you were down, he would give you a lift

Live Life Large; this was his motto

Every day for him was like winning the lotto

High school was ending; he was becoming a man

Most kids don’t know what to do, but he had a plan

This time of life can be confusing for teens

But Conner had decided to join the Marines

Making this decision comes with great sacrifice

In defending our freedom, he payed the ultimate price

This hero had fallen and we grieved in his death

But heroes live on, even after their last breath

It was this neighborhood in which he took such great pride

For he loved nothing more than his dear ol’ South Side

What better way to honor such a great guy

Than to give back to his roots to help fellow Falcons fly

Through the great generosity of those who loved him most

This brave, young soldier now mans a new post

He watches over us now, that is his charge

His legacy inspires us to always Live Life Large

Now it is time for us all to do our part

Semper Fi, Conner Lowry

Forever in our hearts